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Antoanela Alexander is an up-and-coming young chef based in New York City. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Antoanela is a graduate of the International Culinary Center in Soho as well as the Societe des Cafetier Restaurateurs et Hoteliers de Geneve in Switzerland where she also studied commerce. Born and raised in Romania, Antoanela travelled widely and what had always been a passion for working in the kitchen became her true calling. 

“I grew up in a country where everything is used, we don’t throw anything away,” said Antoanela. “Even with the skin of the orange, my grandma would make jam.”

This environment led her to be an advocate for the farm-to-table movement and using fresh organic seasonal food in her dishes. At the International Culinary Center (the alma mater of celebrity chef Bobby Flay) she studied closely with expert chef Pascal Beric. Antoanela has also trained with famed chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns on making healthy food choices and food sustainability.

After traveling to various parts of the world and living in countries such as Korea, Spain, Switzerland and France, Antoanela followed her instincts to New York City. She currently works under chef Andrew Carmellini in one of New York City’s top restaurants and is the founder of Chef Antoanela LLC.

While her birth country is a constant source of inspiration, Antoanela prides herself in being able to borrow from or adapt to any diverse palate.

Influenced by Alan Ducasse, Ligia Pop and Jacquess Pepin, Antoanela prefers old-school cooking while utilizing seasonal products. In her own words: “My food is healthy and delicious.”